Want To Learn About Robotics? Watch These Movies

iRobotThe movie business has been bringing dream like worlds to life for years but there are some movies that have a more realistic approach than others. There are some movie directors and storytellers who have the ability to take real life information and create a completely unique experience for the viewer. If you’re looking to learn more about robotics, you’ll want to brush up on some of history’s best movies about artificial intelligence.

There are artistic robot indie movies like Robot and Frank from 2012 where the robot is con artist Frank’s accomplice and Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams from 1999 where a robot works towards being human in 200 years are both more for entertainment than education. Transcendence from 2014 starring Johnny Depp predicts a world where consciousness can be streamed and uploaded separate from the physical self and Interstellar from 2014 starring Anne Hathaway portrayed a world where individuals in deep space exploration have been shot forward in time with only quantum physics on their side. Both of those films depict possible futures for the human civilization based on scientific hypothesis on what could realistically be possible.

iRobot from 2004 starring Will Smith and Ex Machina from 2015 both depict a future where robots have been effectively integrated into the human lifestyle. Using the appropriate terminologies and practical uses for robotics in the films, these are examples of possible futures for technology. Her from 2014 by Spike Jonze shares a similarity to Ex Machina as the robot has a purpose of curing loneliness but must possess its own intelligence in order to make those connections. Each of these films use robots to replace human identities, depicting a practical example of how robotics could be used to solve problems within modern society. Watching these films will educate you about the possibilities of a future fully integrated with robotics.